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The continuing stories on TwitterTales….

Friday’s installments of TwitterTales are coming in! See you on Twitter at CynthiaLey2!


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November TwitterTale, Part 5

Today’s installment of this month’s TwitterTale is up! Check me and my writing buds out there @CynthiaLey2! Plots are hatching curiously all over the place!

Check in tomorrow for Friday’s episode, more to follow next Thursday and Friday!

Here’s our inspirational image.


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All kinds of leafy goodness….

Yesterday was a conspiracy of angels.

Only they didn’t know it was.

My magnolia trees drop between 1 and 2 FEET of leaves every year, and that before you start raking them up.

Yesterday morning, my next door neighbor came over with his leaf blower and made tidy piles of leaves. Then my neighbor down the street showed up with a friend with implements of destruction in hand and between the three of us, we bagged/binned those puppies up.

And my next door neighbor’s coming over again today to mulch what’s left.


Happy Fall!IMG_1974

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F is for “Flamingo”

Some light and bright reading for the cold winter days! Readers call this “A delightful box of bon-bons you’ll have to work hard at not devouring in one sitting,” “Cyn Ley has mastered this literary form,” “Five stories, each different, and each wonderful.” Happy Reading!IMG_2026

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November Twitter Tales continue!

Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that November’s Twitter Tales continue, written by me and this month’s other participating Solstice authors. This is everyone’s Epsiode #3, and things are heating up, I tell you!

New episodes every Thursday and Friday. And ask yourself: where would our November image take your imagination?



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November & A New Twitter Tale!

It’s November 1st, and that means a new Twitter Tale has begun!! Come see what I and my companion authors are doing on my Twitter page at twitter@CynthiaLey2.

New installments post every Thursday and Friday!

If you are new to TwitterTales, here’s what it’s about. Every month, participating Solstice authors vote on an image and use that image as a focal point for a story. We use the same image all month and construct our tales around it, 280 characters at a time–less when you figure in the hashtag and the @! Each month, we start a new story with a new image. We’re having a blast, and we hope you’re enjoying them too!

Happy November!