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There’s nothing like reading a supernatural thriller to get your juices going this time of year!

The tale begins with disenchantment.

Paul Miller, middleman executive, sees himself as a victim of “the Man.” But the bright lights of his efforts to get out of it go awry, and he smells real trouble in his future. He has to escape. When a stranger offers him good money for an easy job, he sees the payout, but not the cost.


Chapter One

The shadow wolves crouched in silence, their bodies rooting the trees to the pitch dark earth. They breathed in, their golden eyes glinting, senses alert for the one they knew was coming.

The tangled noise of someone brushing a thorny bramble, cursing.

They rose.


PREY is available in Kindle format only, at The link is:





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A Gentle Bump In The Night


She often went antiquing in search of the perfect accessory and to get ideas. That was her mission today. As she walked down the line of antique shops and sundries, Katherine saw an exquisite baby doll. She wore a christening gown of the finest linen, trimmed with eyelet lace, and lay in a beautiful oak crib from the 1800’s. There was a pretty white-on-white baby quilt beneath her, its edges trimmed with the same lace. The doll wore a white linen cap that had drawn thread work forming a delicate pattern of winding roses.

She had flaxen hair and lovely blue eyes. The eyes in particular were remarkable. They followed her as she passed by the window. A hint of a smile rested on those sweet lips. Katherine stopped and whispered, “You are beautiful, small one.” She blew a discrete kiss to it, and even though she knew it was just her imagination,  she heard a delighted little giggle.

She had to know more about this doll. She stepped into the shop, ringing the brass bell that hung above the door.

The proprietor turned away from his dusting and smiled at her.

“Good morning,” he said.

She looked into his kind grey eyes; they had little crinkles at the corners, Laugh lines. His build was slender and tall and strong looking. His hair was dark and a little long and wild, like it resisted any effort to comb it. She could see the slightly pointed tips of his ears. He looked ageless.

“Good morning,” she said, her voice warm.

“How may I help you today?” he asked.

And, suddenly, she was lost for words. Something within her had bubbled up, leaving her with a sense of wonder. Flustered, she tried to pull herself together.

The proprietor seemed amused. “I saw you blow a kiss to her.”

Katherine laughed. “Silly, I know. I couldn’t help myself–she just seems so real.”

“She has that effect on people,” he laughed. “I call her Angel.”

–excerpted from “Sweet Dreams” from the collection ENCOUNTERS TALES RECOUNTED AND REBORN. Available in print and Kindle from

[Original story cover shown below]

sweet dreams_2-001

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Yes-Men In The Underbelly


Greetings all, and welcome to Fall. The lower Pacific Northwest is getting downright chilly at night. The daytime palette is brilliant, and lawns are disappearing under the colorful rags of leaves.

Today I want to discuss something which is close to my heart as both an editor and an author. Yes-manning.

In the publishing world, the most important part of being an editor working with any author is retaining and enhancing the integrity of their work by pointing out problems and asking questions which prospective readers might. At least, that is how I see it. It is a job of troubleshooting and trust.

But an editor is not the author. We don’t see inside your head. We don’t know your processes, and because we all start by reading something through for the very first time, we seldom know where you are heading until you get there. We can make educated guesses, but that doesn’t mean we are right. We aren’t you. We do our best to be objective and honest, going through your story not just as troubleshooters, but as readers.

So when a book goes through the multiphase back and forthing that is so central to whipping it into shape, we take your word for it as an author when you call it good and ask us to send it up for proofreading. It’s your book. You know what you want it to be.

Imagine then, how after God knows how many hours of work, an editor feels when they hear from their superior that you the author wrote a letter to them saying how so much of what was done to the manuscript was wrong and how it all needs to be fixed now.

Your editor, who has spent the past weeks working with you to make sure all of the however many changes there are sit right and true with you, can’t help but feel betrayed. An editor doesn’t move a manuscript up the line unless you, the author, tell them to.

Now your editor is wounded and feels like they have totally wasted their time. They have been disrespected, and yes, abused. It’s just not cool.

Your editor is not your superior–they are your equal partner. Don’t agree because you  feel intimidated. Don’t agree because it’s just easier.  Editors can be wrong. Don’t give in on things you feel strongly about–your editor is more than happy to help you work out the glitches.  If you disagree with your editor, just say so. Be honest, even if it hurts. Editors have tough skins. When you sign off on that final draft, you and your editor should feel proud of a job well done and for the completion of a successful collaboration. Treat your editor with the same respect and trust they are giving you. Between you, you put the final glaze on the portrait that is your book.




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When someone sends you the perfect poster for one of your stories….

“The winter night could not have been more perfect, more conducive to stargazing. There was no wind save for the exhalations of nervous anticipation.

“Hats were donned, glinting in the dark.

“Sirius in all its brilliant glory.

“Mark and Peggy stared at the brightest light in the heavens. They took off their hats. They looked into the galaxy of each other’s eyes. They clasped hands, carrying their hats in the other, and walked off into the deep brush.

“Mating season.
“They were never heard from again.”
From: The Tin Foil Hat Society, excerpted from ENCOUNTERS TALES RECOUNTED AND REBORN
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I’ve got a guest!

Fellow author KateMarie Collins interviewed me recently and put me up on her blog! Here’s the post.

I encourage you to look her blog up too. She writes urban fantasy as well as fantasy, and is also top reviewed.


Happy September everyone!

I’m someone who adores the fall. Yes, I’m drinking pumpkin spice coffee already. LOL. Give me days with crisp air, leaves on the ground, and cozy sweaters! I bought myself a sweater while in Scotland that I plan to practically live in for the next six months.

To celebrate the coming change, I have a guest today! Please welcome author and friend, Cyn Ley!

Hi KateMarie! Thank you for the opportunity of visiting with you today!

What genres do you write?

 I write multi-genre—short stories mainly, but am venturing into longer works. Paranormal, horror, social satire, humor, scifi light, general fiction, and stuff that’s rather odd. I’m currently working on the second installment of a new cozy mystery series, the first having debuted in PINK FLAMINGOS & OTHER FOLLIES (It’s A Mystery I: The Lost Boys). I also have several new short stories in the works.

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Fresh Weather, Fresh Books!

Hi all! And the rains came! The City’s air quality is back down to its usual wonderful normal of around 16 or so. There is much rejoicing in our little part of the Pacific Northwet!

Today I bring you fresh reading as well. Bestselling author KateMarie Collins’ third book in the Waystation Guardians series was just released this month, and for those of you who have been following the series, I know it has been eagerly anticipated. For those of you who haven’t started it yet, grab Book I, Guarding Charon.  And keep going through Guarding Amber and Guarding William, the most recent installment. This urban fantasy series, put out by Solstice Publishing, does not disappoint!

I asked Kate to share some thoughts with us about the series. It seems it rather surprised her!

CJL: Kate, when you wrote the first book of the Waystation series, were you originally planning it as a series? What got you started on the initial book, and what has kept it going for you?

KMC: It wasn’t a planned series. I was working on a different book, Emile’s Blade, when I woke up one morning with the entire first chapter for Guarding Charon in my head. Dialogue, descriptions, character names…all of it! When the muse speaks that loudly, you listen. The world I created intrigued me and readers both, so I turned it into a series.

CJL: Do you find that your motivation, incentive, plan, etc. has changed as the series has developed a life of its own?

KMC: Not really. Sure, I’ve had a few moments where I thought of something that made the series take a sharp right. LOL. But, for the most part, it’s staying true to being about Amber and her transition from a small town woman who had little control over her life into someone who has the strength to live it her way.

CJL: Do you feel connected with your characters? How real are they to you? Do they keep you up at night? What about the settings for the stories?

KMC: I absolutely love the characters. Like most authors, there’s a part of me in each one of them. They don’t keep me up at night, but there’s been times where I went to bed not knowing what would happen next, only to wake up and find out my subconscious figured it out for me. LOL

CJL: What are your future plans for the series?

KMC: There’s definitely going to be a 4th book. Beyond that, I’m not sure yet. If that’s where it ends, that’s where it ends. If the story goes on, it goes on.

CJL: Where can readers find your books?

KMC: They’re all available on Amazon! Absolute best way is to check out my author page ( That way, you can see all my titles and pick the one that sounds most interesting to you.

Guarding Charon-001


One should always read the fine print…especially with an inheritance from a relative you didn’t know existed.

In a rut doesn’t even begin to describe Grace’s life at 22. Her ex is using his position as a cop to stalk her, getting her fired from every job she finds. Her parents, not knowing how abusive he could be, believe all her problems would vanish if she’d simply marry him.

After losing yet another job, a lawyer arrives. A relative has died and left her entire estate in Maine to Grace. Eager to shake the dust of Bruce and small town Texas off of her for good, she leaps at the chance. She even changes her name.

Then she learns that her great aunt was a Witch…and the house has some big secrets. Secrets that she has to protect for six months if she hopes to inherit the entire estate and truly be free of her past.

Guarding amber v 10



Life in Cavendish, Maine is great. The Cauldron’s busy. Amber’s relationship with Heath is good. Except for the small problem that she won’t let him spend the night on the full moon.

When her phone wakes her up after a particularly hard night of guiding souls onto Charon’s boat, her world is rocked. Someone left a bomb at the store, and Kate was in the hospital.

What started out as trying to help her friend becomes a journey like no other. She has to call on Charon, and have him take her to Hades, in order to save Kate’s soul.

Can she find Kate in the Underworld before it’s too late? Who would want to hurt her friend? Or, even more unsettling, what if Amber was the real target?

Guarding William 2


Amber has a roommate. William’s curious, kind, and intelligent. He’s also gorgeous.

Wanting to do something to help him connect his past life with now, she takes him back to Toulouse, France. Where he was born over 900 years ago.

What starts as an impulsive vacation becomes something far more sinister.

The full moon is coming again. Amber must be back to do her job as Guardian. Will she make it in time?

And what if that means leaving behind the man she’s starting to love?

KateMarie Collins

KateMarie Collins