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Art as communication

All art is communication, in one manifestation or another. Nowhere is this truer than when we write. I used to tutor college writing, and one of the things I saw time and time again was the student who, in the course of an assignment, got lost between the heart and the head when writing a biographical “what if.” Their writing froze in place. What did they want their future to be?

The head opted for reason, but the heart had another direction. Many times students were able to put these two together, but needed help in identifying them. Once identified, their writing came unstuck, and their paths were clear once more.

It can be difficult to touch base with our own identities sometimes. Not only does our culture bombard us with what we should do/think/act/buy, it tends to submerge us as well, and it’s easy to start drowning under the ceaseless onslaught.

But we are not drones; we are not faceless; we are not soulless. This is something every artist understands. And this is why we communicate a different song to the world.