Book release: Canoples Tackles Space Pirates

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CITSP coverK.C. Sprayberry (170x207) (170x207)Book Release: Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates


Hello, this is Sally Wild from Inside Galaxy. I’m here on Canoples Station interviewing the infamous Canoples Investigations crew. We’ve heard it from our very special confidential informants that BD Bradford and his group of malcontents are turning this station on its ear again. Those children just don’t learn. But wait. I do believe one of our victims…uh interviewees…is on his way over.

Sally primps, glances at the crowd, and wrinkles her nose at the rest of Canoples Investigations. She taps a purple fingernail against the table and speaks into her vid-recorder again.

Sally: I tell you, devoted Inside Galaxy viewers, these “children” certainly have no manners. I’ve heard BD Bradford is the worst of them. He is always in trouble, according to my confidential informants, Lisa Tulane and Jake Tigley. Now, we’re waiting on BD to show up, and I have to say he’s already showing how he doesn’t respect his elders. He’s almost three minutes late.

A ruckus around the table has Sally looking all directions. She gasps and sits up straighter in the chair.

Sally: Here he comes. The infamous BD Bradford. This boy is horrible. He has long hair, and you can see his cocky attitude just by the way he walks. BD, over here!

BD: Yeah. I see you. What do you want to talk about? I have to warn you that I can’t talk about anything related to tomorrow’s trial.

Sally: Yes, I’ve heard that from your friends. What are you hiding?

BD: Me? Man, I can’t lie to save my life. And I can’t hide anything. What you see is what you get.

Sally: What kind of punishment did you get for illegally piloting a shuttle to Jupiter, disobeying Security when you were told to return to the station, and terrorizing those poor pirates?

BD: (laughing so hard his face is red) Poor pirates? Sally, you have it all wrong. Those pirates attacked Canoples Station. They forced one shuttle down and took the passengers and pilot hostage. Then they shot down another shuttle and took another hostage. They’re par—never mind. That’s classified information.

Sally: What? You can’t hide anything from me. I have my sources. I’ll find out what you’re hiding.

BD: Sorry. Can’t tell you. Classified information and all that.

Sally: Have you spoken with a psych about the horrible experience of having your father point a blaster at you? That must have absolutely terrifying. Didn’t it scare you?

BD: Sorry, that’s classified too. Now, if you want to talk about the travel bag episode, I can talk about that. (snickers) And about Chuckles, the illegal re-kat.

Sally: Re-kats are boring. I want to talk about the space pirates. I want to know how devastated you are because your father turned out to be a criminal. Those are interesting topics. My viewers hate re-kats.

BD: They’ve probably met Chuckles. Sorry, I can’t talk about the rest of those things. I told you that twice already. That’s classified until after the trial, and you know that. The chief was with me when he gave you permission to approach us, and he told you that you couldn’t talk about the space pirates.

Cassie: BD! They made that new pizza. The first one is ours!

BD: Later, Sally. This will be great.

Sally: Wait! I’m not finished.

BD: I’m done, with you. Nobody gets between BD Bradford and the best Gut Buster Pizza in the galaxy!

Sally: He ran off. I don’t believe it. BD Bradford and his friends are nothing but a lot of Pluto gas. None of them will tell the truth about anything. Well, you saw for yourself, viewers, Canoples Station’s Security is incompetent. Canoples Investigations are a bunch of spoiled, out of control teens, and no one is interested in stopping them. Honestly, the Twelve Stations Council has to take over here and fix this problem. Those children desperately need a dose of happy candy and months with a psych to fix their problem.


Sally pulls the vid-recorder closer. “I hear someone actually wrote a book about the exploits of these “children.” And they’re telling people about it now. I even hear that’s the next advertisement. Well, lovely Inside Galaxy viewers, you have to watch that nastiness, but do you have to buy the book?


Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates

Available now!



Five flitters arrow around the massive tetra-flex porthole giving everyone a view of Jupiter and her moons. These are ships capable of seating two to four people for station-to-planet hops. The largest thing in sight, Io, is in synchronous orbit between the station and Jupiter.




The biggest worry on BD Bradford’s mind is scoring enough creds to snatch a copy of the latest vid-game. He’s set on getting his girl to stop glaring at him, until Space Pirates make their presence known. Thrown into a day without end, BD and his team can’t do anything right, until faced with an impossible situation.


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Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in Northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with new tales from the South and beyond.

She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, others in magazines. Three of her books (Softly Say Goodbye, Who Am I?, and Mama’s Advice) are Amazon best sellers. Her other books are: Take Chances, Where U @, The Wrong One, Pony Dreams, Evil Eyes, Inits, and Starlight. Additionally, she has shorts available on Amazon: Grace, Secret From the Flames, Family Curse … Times Two, and The Ghost Catcher.

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