Good crazy week and fame

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Darned good, actually. It’s not every week you have a book published and get a contract for your latest! Crazy ebullient week!

Which brings me to the topic of fame, however modest it may be. A publisher sends you a contract for your book. You squee and happy dance. Then your book is released. You do your promos. You keep writing. Rinse, repeat. And bit by bit, people start to recognize you.

This is when you start thanking the Powers That Be for the invention of social media. The need to meet people face to face is no longer a requirement of a modern author’s life. We meet people all the time without leaving home. BUT we still need to interact with them–these are our followers. They help pay our bills.

One of my friends has a gold standard when it comes to public recognition and building a good reputation. “DBAD,” she said. “Don’t be a dick.”

She’s absolutely right. None of us is such a special little snowflake that a misspoken word from us can’t melt us away.

So let your responses smile; be gracious and modest. If someone gives you a negative review, it’s ok. A “I’m sorry that the book didn’t appeal to you, but hopefully the next one will” is a kind way of recognizing their feelings and encouraging them to stick with you. And for those who liked your work, “Thank you” is enough. Let them all know when your next piece is coming out.

Thank everyone for their feedback, good and bad. Hey, they read your book. You grabbed their attention. That’s saying something, isn’t it?




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