Interview with bestselling fantasy Author KateMarie Collins

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Today, I welcome KateMarie Collins! Thank you for sharing some of your time with us!LCS_7677

What is your latest book/book about to be released? Release date? Can you give us a teaser?

My last release was ‘Fin’s Magic’, back in March of 2014. I’m currently working on ‘Wielder of Tiren’ Book 3 of The Raven Chronicles. With luck, it’ll come out sometime next year! 


That’s when it happened.

            The lead bounty hunter threw his fist back hard, knocking Alaric to the ground. Fin fumbled with her quiver, sending out the silent healing energy to her friend. Around her, the other three drew their weapons and prepared to meet the charging foes.

            By the time she got an arrow nocked, they were too close. Fin retreated a few feet, watching the fighting closely. Her bow was ready, but she needed to get a clear shot.

            Close combat always unnerved her. The stench of blood turned her stomach. Gwen was holding her own against the one named Charlie, and winning handily. When the first body dropped, Fin relaxed just a little. There weren’t many out there who could beat Trystian or Emile in one-on-one combat, because the two men didn’t believe in mercy. Just an expedient death.

            An arrow buzzed past her ear, the fletching scratching her cheek. Spinning on her heels, she watched it sail past the man charging at her. He leaped to tackle her as she tried to raise her bow. Instinct kicked in, and she did the only thing she could think of to stop him.

            She willed his heart to stop beating.

            An anguished wail tore from her throat. Pain forced her to her knees and caused her to drop her bow. The body of her would-be assailant fell with a heavy thud in front of her. Fin grasped at her left arm, desperate to breathe through the searing agony rippling down her bicep. She’d killed him. Justified or not, she’d taken a life.

            “Fin? Are you okay?” Alaric’s voice broke through the shock. She opened her eyes.

            He knelt in front of her. A single hand gently brushed her hair from her face. Concern for her was clearly visible in his brown eyes.

            “I…I killed him.” She could barely whisper the words.



What other books/stories have you written?

In total, I have eight titles available right now. They are:

    ‘Daughter of Hauk’ Book 1 of The Raven Chronicles (ebook, audio, and print)

    ‘Son of Corse’ Book 2 of The Raven Chronicles (ebook and print)

    ‘Mark of the Successor’ (ebook and print)

    ‘Fin’s Magic’ (ebook)

    ‘Kick the Can’ (ebook)

    ‘A Stab At The Dark’ (ebook)

    ‘Looking at the Light’ (ebook)

    ‘Challenges Met’ (print)

 Do you publish in e-book, print, or both?

If the book is long enough, it gets a print version. That’s a tricky one, really. Because no one wants to pay $10 for a book that’s under 5k words!

Where can readers find your books?

 All of my titles are available on Amazon. A select few are available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. 

 Do you write in a particular genre or genres? What grabs you about this genre/these genres?

 I love writing fantasy. It’s the concept of creating brand new worlds that work outside of the boundaries of our modern one, playing god, and being able to examine certain moral and ethical questions beyond what our society dictates. I love the escape fantasy gives to both me as an author and me as a reader.

 What do you think are the biggest challenges for the type of writing you do?

Finding my readers. I’m not saying that it’s hard to get noticed in other genres, but fantasy has its’ own readership. And they love certain authors. It’s getting them to read something new that can be hard. I know, as a fantasy reader, I tend to devour certain authors and am hesitant to read new ones. 

 What inspires you?

 My daughters. I want them to grow up thinking they can conquer the world, have the courage to chase the dreams that are hard to achieve. The best way for me to teach them that it’s worth taking the risk was to show them how.

What do you think is the hardest thing about being published? Are there things you know now that you wish you’d known about earlier in this journey?

Marketing was a big obstacle for me at first. I grew up with a mindset that you didn’t talk about things you did. It was bad manners to brag. But, as an author, I’m the best spokesperson for my books. I know them the best, have the motivation for each character in my head. Authors really are the best promoters, but we’re often the worst at it.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Be polite, and don’t give up. It takes time. You won’t reach best seller status overnight, and you don’t want to burn bridges along the way. One rude email really does come into play when your contract comes up for renewal.

How did you get started writing?

I’ve always loved to write, but I lacked the self confidence to know what I had was anything beyond the ability to b.s. my way through an essay in high school. We’d been playing in a long, ongoing Dungeons & Dragons game (yes, I’m that much of a geek!) for over two years when it ended very badly. Everyone was either executed or imprisoned. I didn’t like the end, so I wrote a short story to change it. It scared the daylights out of me, because it was good. It was the first thing I’d written in decades that I liked! The few handful of friends I shared it with all wanted to know what happened next. Once the Muse got unlocked, she didn’t shut up! Three and a half months later, the first draft of ‘Daughter of Hauk’ was complete. That initial short story email is in it, too.

Anything else you’ld like to tell our readers?

Reviews really do help authors, so please write one for any book you read! Authors love to read them, and they do help sell books.

How can readers contact you?

 I can be found here:

       Twitter:  @DaughterHauk



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