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Interview with author Rocky Rochford

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Rocky Rochford, one of Solstice Solstice Publishing’s many talented authors! Rocky writes across a number of genres. His books can be found on Soon to be released are Rise of the Elohim:Hour of Darkness, Dead on the Floor, and Don’t Turn Around.

His first series is the fantasy Rise of the Elohim. Here he shares an excerpt from the first book, Rise of the Elohim: Spirit of Iris.

“As long as our hearts are ruled by hate, we will always be at war, but as long as we have love to direct us, we will never give up!”-Master Mako of Iris

Since the dawn of the time, war has always been present, be it a great conflict on a battlefield, or something more personal–the battle we face with ourselves. In every world, history is filled with war, chaos and destruction. The planet of Oceania was no exception for a great war loomed on the horizon.

Oceania was a world of islands both great and small, each with its own variety of races and species. The islands became realms, and the realms became unified. Oceania flourished.

Then one year a Great Storm swept down and ravaged the world. A storm like no other, a storm that was alive but brought forth nothing but death and destruction. A Storm that and just the first wave of an invasion. A Storm that didn’t just carry the Dark Ones, but was the Dark Ones.

With fear in their hearts, open war broke out between all men, as blood spilled on the plains of

battlefields. The Storm disappeared as quickly as it came, but left the skies filled with darkness.

With men distracted by raging conflicts, a new enemy came, slipping through the chaos. One unlike the races of Sancti had ever known. They were beings of pure darkness who desired nothing less than the ultimate reign of terror and supreme power and rivers of blood. One by one the Realms fell into the hands of the Dark Ones.

In an effort to save their world, the people joined together, forming a truce to take on those truly responsible for the true devastation of their world. Rising up against the Dark Ones, the united warriors stood successful, weakening them in number and strength, driving them belowground.

The warriors feared evil would one day rise again, so the Watchers were created, a clan of warriors to watch over the Realms of Oceania and protect them. Tyrants would rise, accumulating power only to fall at the hands of the Watchers, the descendants of the warriors who had vanquished the Dark Ones.

Over the centuries, the Watchers continued to thrive and safeguard, always keeping watch, waiting for the darkness to rise, so they could drive it back again.

The centuries passed, and rumours of the Dark Ones’ return began to surface. It was time for the Watchers to act, but due to the progression of time, the vigorous training and the selection processes, the Watchers had become a mere shadow of their former selves as now only a handful remained. More were desperately needed.

With the return of the Shadow threat came stormy times, bringing with them change. Change that started small and grew to loom large.

This is the story of a young warrior living on the Isle of Iris in the Mares Realm. The story of Zach in his effort to save the world.


What other books/stories have you written?

To this date, I only have the one published work, my novel Phoenix Rises, which is an espionage thriller set in Spain, but I’ve also been the writer to a number of animations on both Youtube and Newgrounds. Animations such as “Bitch Slap! The Movie,” the short tale of a redneck marriage that ends with murder. “Being Death” a one off animation about what it means to be death and then there are also my Zelda Files series, which is a Parody of The Legend of Zelda. I also written, shot and directed my own short Films “The Edge” and “Death has a Sound” and then of course there are a number of unpublished, unused and unseen short stories.

Do you publish in e-book, print, or both?


Where can readers find your books?

Phoenix Rises can be found on a number of good book websites, such as: Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and a few others, including the United PC website (the publisher of the novel)

Do you write in particular genre or genres? What grabs you about these genre/these genres?

As far as Genres go, no there isn’t a set genre for me, just like there isn’t one type of writing for me. I am a Poetry spouting, Screen-writing, lyric scribbling, freelance journo Author. I never wanted to limit myself to being just the one thing, never putting all my eggs in one basket and hoping for the best, instead I learned to be flexible, to spread myself out and do my utmost best to excel in more than one area, same goes for my genres. Essentially I write 2 kinds, which are action and comedy. With action comes adventure, espionage, thriller, suspense, crime, even mystery and horror. Then with comedy there is of course, romance. So for me, there is no set genre, because essentially I aim to write them all, and what grabs me to them? The feel of the story, when I begin writing a story, I let the flow and feel of the words decide the genre. Writing isn’t just an act, it is a living thing, constantly evolving, so far it has come, but it is evolving again right in front of our very eyes. I aim to try to be a part of the new generation, to be a writer who takes the limits to new heights, or to break them down entirely because the barriers are there, ready to fall.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for the type of writing that you do?

I believe the hardest challenge is writing a unique story, because no matter how you look at it, there are only seven true story lines, and every book and film that has been released, are derived from them, therefore writing a unique story is impossible, but writing a story with a unique twist, still just exists. Also as a debuting author to the genre, you immediately need to write like the big-shots of the genre, the granddaddies, possessing their essence and flair, to entice readers over to you and to fall head over heels with your words, whilst at the same time trying to give it your own first. To stand out of the crowd, first you have to stand in with it, to do what they do to attract attention, to get your name out and then to pen a works at your full potential, to hold nothing back and show what you can really do. So the hardest challenges I would definitely have to say is writing a unique story to the flow and pace of an established and respected author, but with your own voice.

What Inspires you?

I honestly have no idea, the inspiration to my stories, to my workings are not something that just comes to me, but are actually born out of a single thought, a thought such as: “I bet I could write a decent assassination and set it in the Alps?” Then with the thought in mind I start thinking of the protagonist I would use for it, the why he committed the killing and then soon enough I have the entire story playing like a movie in my head and it is that exact thought that saw the creation of London Calling, a novel I have in the works and currently going through the editing process.

What do you think is the hardest thing about being published? Are there things that you now know that you wish you’d know about earlier on in your journey?

I don’t think there is just one thing, there are a few things, such as location, education and representation. If you can get an agent, then that is a huge step forwards, but for me sadly that was never the case. As far as education goes, lets just say school and I didn’t stick, college was a no go and I have no degree to my name, but in the areas I lack, I made up for with other skills, like a relentless determination. There are plenty of things I know now that surely would have been a great help back then but, and this is the funny thing, I’m glad I didn’t and here is why. By not having an agent, I represented myself, learning how best to portray myself and the preferred writing for contacting publishers. There is also the fact that by sticking by my first ever finished novel and seeing it through to the end, finally getting it published five years later, I learned determination. Struggling to find a publisher willing to take a chance on me was actually one of the best things to happen to me, because by struggling for so long, it has taught me so much, like determination (even more so), resilience, appreciation, things I will take with me all through my life. Yes its true there is many things I wish I had back then, things that would have thrown me years ahead of where I am now, but maybe it worked out for the best, because I wasn’t ready then, but I am now, and not only have I learned, but I have earned that which I now possess. There is no satisfaction like the pay-off after years of back breaking work.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Never give up. Writing isn’t easy and neither is getting a publisher willing to take a chance on your work. It can be excruciating at times. So much blood, sweat and tears goes into it, but it is all worth it in the end when your book finally makes it. When you hold it in your hands, when you read your name on the title. Writing and being published is not a race, but a marathon, it takes stamina, strength, patience and determination, but it is all worth it. Never give up, Never Say Die!

How did you get started in writing?

Even as a child I had a large imagination, forever dreaming, at day I was a schoolboy in class, at night, I would slay dragons, ride trains chasing after escaping spies, save the day, sacrifice myself to save the lives of others and all of that was just at 5, but then there was also Rocky, man’s best friend. It didn’t bother me that he was a dog, to me, he was so much more, like a brother really, whenever I come home from school, I’d be bored, so the two of us would go play in the garden, out, it didn’t matter and soon we started having adventures, adventures I started to pen for my school assignments and then soon enough I went from writing non-fiction to fiction and I never stopped.

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

How do you get your audience interested in your new film coming to cinemas? You release a teaser trailer, well as far as I go, I am just getting started, the future of Rochford has much to come. I will never limit myself to just the one genre, or just the one story, and why have one iconic character when you can have more? First there is Lewis, an Intelligence Operative in the middle of his career, with plenty of adventures to be had. Zach the protagonist of my latest novel to be released, is a character who will be sticking around for a while as his adventures in Sancti and the War against the Shanzi is just getting started. Then while these two take centre stage, with them come their friends Matthew Radley, Little Boy Death, Alex Carter and the Brotherhood, protagonists of their own forthcoming adventures. The future of Rochford, the future of “FACES:” Fantasy, Adventure, Crime, Espionage and Supernatural.

How can readers get in touch with you?

There are a few ways they can get in touch:

First there is my Twitter account: @RockyRochford

There is my website:

Then of course there is the social media that is Facebook that enables you to get in touch a few ways:

My personal Facebook account: Rocky Rochford (

Facebook Page:

Facebook Poetry Page (my own of course):

Facebook Little Boy Death Page (a character I have reserved for a special project and Facebook home to L.B.D’s “other dimensional” philosophies and more):

Thank you for joining us!

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Excerpts from Perfect & Other Stories

Some excerpts from the first book to intrigue you. Enjoy! 🙂

Available on (Kindle) and Barnes & (Nook)

Excerpts from PERFECT & OTHER STORIES by Cynthia Ley
Copyright 2014

The Carriage House
Sara smiled to herself. The master and mistress of the house were on another of their outings, this one as grand as the last.

The address was for one of the wealthiest estates in the vicinity. She was to await her host in a pottery shed. An odd place to meet. She shrugged. The very rich are permitted their whims.

The cat tapped the screen once, just to see what would happen. Nothing did—just the click of claws on glass. The cat didn’t see the appeal.

The seven deadly sins walked into a bar . . . and nobody noticed.

Seeing as how she had some time to kill, she went upstairs for her textbooks, dumped them on the kitchen table, and made herself a cup of tea. It’ll be a miracle if I remember any of this next week, she thought.

He didn’t want much. He had a job which placed him in the upper income bracket. He had a nice car. His gadgets were no more than a year behind the current models. He could afford a woman to clean and cook for him and do his laundry. He never saw her. He knew that when he left for work in the morning, there were chores to be done, and when he got home, there weren’t.

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Second Book Due To Be Released!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited! My second short story collection, “Tales of a Twisted World” is due to be released on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) either Monday night (the 15th) or Tuesday (the 16th). I thought I’d share some of it with you.

Tales of a Twisted World cover art

Excerpts from TALES OF A TWISTED WORLD by Cynthia Ley


Peter lay down again and surveyed the sky.

“Well,” Jan asked thoughtfully, “do you think we’re the only ones out here?”

“Here?” Peter asked. “As in, here here?”



“Are you all right, Alissa?” Matt asked. He sounded concerned.

“No,” she said. “What can I do about it?”

“Our company sells a top of the line security system. Cameras, keypads, lights, alarms– the works. No one’s gotten passed it yet.”

“I just don’t know,” she said, allowing uncertainty to creep into her voice. “It sounds really expensive.”


She was a void then. Looking back, she still couldn’t remember that time. She knew she went to work and paid her bills. But that was all she knew. Whatever else happened, it hadn’t stuck with her.


The place? A huge city which calls itself the center of the world. The place which dictates the world economy. The place which makes the calls on any trend of any kind. A place where people are crowded together, where the air is blasted nonstop with the noise of the human species endlessly engaging in narcissistic speculation about itself.


Hoover was one hundred percent dedicated to purifying the English language, the most confounding crazy quilt of a language ever constructed. He was bound and determined to find the essence of it all. To do that, he needed the words.

Everyone thought he was nuts. Because he was also brilliant, and generally a nice guy, everyone called him “eccentric” instead.


No reflective surfaces. Something jarred. An alley. I was in an alley, walls on both sides, no windows to break them up.

No street lights, either. I looked down both open ends, seeing only darkness.

However I got here, I seemed to be no worse for wear.


Both of them did the research. Neither trusted other people to do it for them. Critical subtleties could be missed. A flick of an ear could mean dissuading a fly, or be a precursor to a lethal charge. Being able to read all the signs was crucial. There would be no chance to analyze a misinterpretation. As they often reminded each other, “Never trust a hippo.” Cute and cuddly they were not.

Having worked on large animal jobs, they both wanted to turn their attention elsewhere. They felt it was time to haul out the creepy crawlies. They were interesting in their brainless sort of way. And people loved being grossed out. Of course, they didn’t present that last little detail in their grant application letter.


Sometimes we choose the road.

Sometimes the road chooses us.

Look out for obstacles while enjoying the scenery….