Excerpts from Perfect & Other Stories

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Some excerpts from the first book to intrigue you. Enjoy! 🙂

Available on (Kindle) and Barnes & (Nook)

Excerpts from PERFECT & OTHER STORIES by Cynthia Ley
Copyright 2014

The Carriage House
Sara smiled to herself. The master and mistress of the house were on another of their outings, this one as grand as the last.

The address was for one of the wealthiest estates in the vicinity. She was to await her host in a pottery shed. An odd place to meet. She shrugged. The very rich are permitted their whims.

The cat tapped the screen once, just to see what would happen. Nothing did—just the click of claws on glass. The cat didn’t see the appeal.

The seven deadly sins walked into a bar . . . and nobody noticed.

Seeing as how she had some time to kill, she went upstairs for her textbooks, dumped them on the kitchen table, and made herself a cup of tea. It’ll be a miracle if I remember any of this next week, she thought.

He didn’t want much. He had a job which placed him in the upper income bracket. He had a nice car. His gadgets were no more than a year behind the current models. He could afford a woman to clean and cook for him and do his laundry. He never saw her. He knew that when he left for work in the morning, there were chores to be done, and when he got home, there weren’t.

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