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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author E.B. Sullivan. Thank you for taking the time to join me and share your thoughts with us. 🙂

What is your latest book/book about to be released? Release date? Can you give us a teaser?

I’m excited about my new release Alaska Awakening a romance mystery novel. It tells the tale of five seniors held captive for a thirty-million dollar ransom on a remote Alaskan island.

Alaska Awakening’s release date is Tuesday October 14, 2014

Alaska Awakening

Chapter 1


As the plane entered its final approach, Marvin felt sucked into its gravitational pull. His bald head was jerked forward, causing him to feel queasy. His wide shoulders knocked against a cream-colored wall, and his eyes peered through a tiny window.

Akin to a flying carpet, a flock of white-winged scoters rose up before him. An instant later, the feathery rug vanished.

Rather than following the narrow coastline, the aircraft appeared to be aiming straight for the dense forest. Exhilarated by this unusual descent, Marvin gripped the armrest of his cloth-covered seat. He felt his heartbeat quicken. His rapid breathing initiated dizziness. A pleasant buzz prickled his senses.

A series of bumps signaled a safe landing on the makeshift sandy runway. Spotted sandpipers appeared disinterested in the artificial bird. Marvin watched them scampering away from the plane. They headed toward the waves.

With difficulty, Marvin uncrimped his arthritic fingers and unclasped his seatbelt.

His heavyset body felt a gush of tepid air as their guide Roy opened the hatch. The unexpected warmth deflated Marvin’s enthusiasm. A bitter taste invaded his mouth.

Their pilot, Gary, shut down the engine and turned to face the passengers. He gave them a mocking smile, revealing yellowish uneven teeth. “Folks, looks like you’ve arrived.”

Through his thick glasses, Marvin glanced at his Rolex. “How could we be in the Aleutian chain? We’ve only been airborne for an hour or so.”

Susan reached across the aisle, grabbing Marvin. Her sharp nails bit into his wrinkled forearm. As he tolerated the slight discomfort, Marvin looked at her disparaging glare: squinted eyes, sucked in cheeks, and pouted lips.

In an attempt to avoid her stare, Marvin gazed passed Susan out the arched window. From the shoreline, grasses filled a meadow. Beyond, rows of trees skirted glaciers.

Marvin glanced at the other passengers. Tucked into her seat, Bea Nolte leaned forward. Her husband Bart rubbed his eyes. Tess and Frank Spenser continued to flip through the pages of their respective magazines.

Gary paced up and down the aisle, barking out orders. “Giddy up, folks. Get your packs and step into these here great outdoors.”

Marvin once again spoke up. “Why? Is there a mechanical problem?”

Rather than answering, Gary continued, “Get movin’ gramps.”

“Hey, what’s the big idea? Where are we?” Marvin asked.

Gary poked Marvin’s shoulder. “Keep your trap shut.”

As Marvin pried his bulk out of the confining seat, he felt drops of perspiration dripping from his forehead onto his chin and down his neck. He stared into his friends’ faces imploring them with his eyes to get involved, but they didn’t. He eased his body back down. “I’m sitting tight until we get some answers.”

In one swift move, Gary lunged toward Marvin. From his pocket, Gary pulled out a .45 caliber gun. He pointed the steel barrel inches from Marvin’s face.

“Got the message, old man?”

Marvin felt his stomach lurch. In silence, he followed Gary’s commands.


What other books/stories have you written?

My Solstice published novels are Different Hearts, Bloom Forevermore, and Grandfathers’ Bequest and my novellas are “Christmas Guardian Angel” and “Spotlighting Crime”.

 Do you publish in e-book, print, or both?

My novels are available in both e-book and paperback editions. My novellas are available as e-books. Alaska Awakening will be available in both e-book and paperback editions.

Where can readers find your books?

My books and novellas are available on

Do you favor one genre or several?

I favor writing mix genres. I can’t seem to stop story lines like colorful threads weaving three dimensional tapestries in my mind.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for the type of writing you do?

While writing mixed genres, it’s tricky keeping multiple storylines free from tangles.

What inspires you?

Places inspire me. As I explore new surroundings, I envision individuals striving, growing, and falling in love. Sometimes I close my eyes and glimpse a stolen kiss, a tender hug, or a sorrowful tear. At night, I dream of characters caught in dilemmas. I hear their screams, their laughter, and their breathless sighs.

What do you wish you had known about the publishing world before you became published yourself?

I wish I had learned marketing techniques. Since my first published novel, I’ve struggled to juggle time between writing and marketing. As a marketing novice, I inch along its confusing learning curve.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Write from your heart and allow your stories to follow their own paths.

How did you get started writing?

Each evening I’d read my twins a bedtime story, give them hugs and kisses, turn out the lights, but they would want more. Under their nightlight’s soft glow, my imagination spun out fanciful tales. Without fail, my angels fell fast asleep reminding me I had a long way to go before becoming an authors

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is valuable. Write your story. Someday someone will benefit from the tale of you. No matter your age, now is the time to write your story. One way is to separate your life into stages: early childhood, childhood, teen years, young adulthood, middle years, and onward. Share a memory from each timeframe. Besides factual data like birthplace, include your emotional reactions to your surroundings. Open your heart and let your feelings, ideas, and beliefs spill out. Besides milestones like marriage, include ordinary incidents especially those, which made a difference. Often small events make the biggest impact. Besides established accomplishments like graduations, include personal achievements. What were your quests? What brought you joy? What made you laugh? What made you cry? Who were your heroes? What gave you peace? While I’m certain your story will be an inspiring gift to future generations, I warn you, your story will surprise you.

How can readers contact you?

Readers can contact me through my Social Media Links as follows:

Check out E.B. Sullivan’s website:

Read her blog:

Follow E.B. on Twitter: @ebsullivan1

Be E.B. Sullivan’s friend on Facebook:

Follow her reviews on Goodreads:

Thank you, Elizabeth! 😀

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