Short stories for the Hallowe’en season

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Solstice recently published my little collection, Creeps & Creepers: Three Eerie Tales.

As it says in the blurb: “Grabby floors, grabby dates, grabby places. All with very different motives.

Some teasers to tantalize.


Back in the day, there were a lot more problem places around here. That’s what happens when you build over a  shady part of town. I put a stop to that nonsense. I’ll tell you, when that development of Forest Glade was finally finished and folks moved in, my phone was ringing so much I had to turn it to vibrate just to get some sleep. One house in particular.


6 AM. Selene awoke to another grey day. The glory days of autumn were definitely over. Now the earth and sky merged together in the November fog, There was no telling where one set one’s foot, once outside.

At least she had gone to sleep wearing her fuzzy bathrobe. That helped with the comfort level. The tie had come loose. She retrieved it and wrapped her robe closed, snugging the tie around her waist. Much better, she thought.


The first time she asked him to come over, he found the house, just barely. There was no yard to speak of. What grass there was had been overrun by weeds. What was once a handsome hedgerow lining the property had gone to seed, and now parts of it threatened to consume the house itself. The old tree in the front yard overhung the front door. He was reminded of a big cat in mid-pounce.

It made him really uncomfortable. Don’t be an idiot–it’s just a tree. Even if it felt predatory.


Like all my books, Creeps & Creepers: Three Eerie Tales is available on for 99 cents, e-book only. Hope you enjoy!

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