Sittin’ on the Porch with Kelly – Author Cynthia Ley – The Power of Words #amwriting

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Hi all! The website “Write With Kelly,” run by Kelly Abell, is a wonderful and incredibly useful resource for writers. She also invites writers to join her and share something of their journey. Such was my pleasure the other day. Hope you enjoy, and thanks again, Kelly!

Author Kelly Abell

It’s a little cooler on the porch today, so Author Cynthia Ley and I are sipping hot cocoa with those little tiny marshmallows, a rare drink in Florida. We take the opportunity to enjoy it when we can. Cynthia has an interesting background and shares with us her writing journey and what the power of words has taught her. Let’s listen….

Kelly asked if I would share my writing journey. I’m a newcomer to the world of writing fiction, but have done research writing for a very long time. Fiction was hard for me because, as a shy young student, I was terrified of reading my stories aloud in class, and that was always a requirement in creative writing classes. It wasn’t until this last year that I started working with various authors who encouraged me and gave me terrific feedback. Three published short story collections—one of them a bestseller on…

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