Organized Writer? Or an Intuitive?

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Kelley Abell (blog Writing With Kelley–check it out!) had an interesting discussion on her blog today about types of writers. She asked if we as writers were outliners or scribblers. Great topic!

If you’re the type who writes a full story outline and is able to follow it to the end, I salute you. I couldn’t do that on a bet. You are an extremely organized writer!

I’m on the other side of your fence, hanging out with other intuitive writers. We’ll have a sketch of an idea. We know what we’re trying to do, but how we get there may seem a bit odd to an organized writer. We tend to be organic in our approach, just letting the words flow, sketching the odd sentence or note here and there to remind ourselves of where we’re going. We often talk about stories just telling themselves. We could give you an outline of the tale after the fact, but before we set fingers to keyboard, no such thing exists. Just a thought, a hook on which to hang the words.

I have a notebook full of scribbles, ideas which are fermenting. Once decanted, I hope they make for a rich and satisfying wine.

As do all who write.

One thought on “Organized Writer? Or an Intuitive?

  1. I think I am both pantster and plotter. I write everything I can (the scenes as they come to me) until I absolutely need to break down and do an outline just to keep myself focused. I dance in both worlds so I don’t really know what that makes me. As far as ideas go, I am definitely intuitive. It just happens with no rhyme or reason.


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