Holidaze – The Beginning

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So here we are, less than a week away from stuffing ourselves fatter than our Thanksgiving turkeys. Bombarded by images of perfect tables and perfect families whose biggest dispute seems to be over who gets that last dinner roll.

Oh my God–the STRESS.

How did we get ourselves in this mess? I blame the media.

But then, I blame the media for everything.

Because it’s all their fault for dumping this on us.

It’s ours for believing them. Or worse, wanting to. So we drive ourselves forward in a frenzy of getting ready. By the time the guests show up, we are tired, cranky, and wish they would all leave. We won’t have to go shopping for food for the next week.

That’s not such a bad prospect, is it?

The point of this ramble is to lose the hype. It’ll just mess you up anyway.

Myself, I plan on kicking back with my beloved Spouse and critters and cheerfully enjoying our tradition of Thanksgiving pizza and a good movie.

* * * * * *

To all those being affected by the winter storms–we wish you safe, we wish you warm, we wish you cared for. The Powers keep you.

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