Greetings to all!

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An interesting close to the old year, to say the least. Three trees down, one of them ours. It was the least problematic, being a tall but slender thing that died from its root system being compromised. Our next door neighbors lost a 60 footer to a windstorm, which took out a deck but missed the houses in its area completely. They took it upon themselves to cut down a problem tree along our mutual fence line which we knew had issues, and those issues went clean to the top of it some 65 feet up. A few days later, we lost part of our patio roof to a major windstorm that peeled it back and turned it into an art project.

The good news? No one got hurt, although a family of raccoons got displaced.

Whether the timing on trees was serendipity or a warning, we’ll never know. What we all know here is that we were cared for. And that’s all we need to know, besides thankfulness.

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