Blog hop: 7 Things You Don’t know About Me

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Thank Rocky Rochford for this. Seven things you probably don’t know about me–and that’s totally ok. 🙂

1) You can never go wrong by just adding water. This is especially true of Pacific Northwesterners.

2) I’m a decades-long member of the Society For Creative Anachronism, Inc. The Middle Ages as they should have been, with indoor plumbing and no plagues. A hobby that encompasses about a zillion other hobbies. LEARN ALL THE THINGS!

3) I love mentoring people in those endeavors which interest them and in which I have a clue. If I don’t have a clue, I’ll send them to someone who does. Then I’ll ask them later what they learned–grooming future teachers is always a great honor.

4) I have a quirky sense of humor and make no apologies for it. As the saying goes, “Schroedinger’s cat walked into a bar . . . and didn’t.” Or . . . did it?

5) Never, *ever* blow a dog whistle around me. The sound tends to awaken a homicidal streak.Although, I suppose, there are times when that could be useful.

6) I love singing and storytelling. Early music is beautiful and amazing, and prodigies and wonders abound. Consider it a lifelong love affair.

7) My world revolves far more around metaphysics than physics, more the Idea of the star than the physicality of the star. Philosophers make you crazy? Just add water. 😉

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