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Book Pirates

Yup, another book pirating site was discovered by a Solstice author. We united and raised the wrath of Hell. They took their facebook page down under the fury and publicity of us.

End of story? Heck, no. Some authors lost thousands of dollars thanks to this site. That’s the mortgage. That’s the utilities, That’s food. THAT’S OUR LIVELIHOOD.

Authors don’t make salaries or even hourly wages.

So we ask you, if you find a pirate site, raise the sails and set them afire. Let everyone know. Use social media. And thank you.

Solstice Publishing titles are distributed solely through our webpage and If you see them available through any other site, please drop me a line on my Twitter at twitter@cynthialey2.

By the way, did you know that no seafarer would ever say “Shiver me timbers!” seriously. It means, quite literally, “Blast my boat into lots of little pieces.” Let’s go shiver some pirates’ timbers, shall we?