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Ketchup Day–Bringing Things Up To Date

Hi all! Yes, I’m a cad. A creep. I’ve been ignoring you, and I’m sorry.

My Real Life had a bad case of Real Life. Things are MUCH calmer now. Finally. The last few months have been insane.

I have been getting some stories written and published though, as inclusions in Solstice anthologies. It’s wonderful to share space with so many gifted writers.

This summer, Summer Solstice put out Summer Chills, Summer Thrills, a collection of tales to make you shiver. It won’t be from the cold. Sold in print and e-book formats. My story, The Tin Foil Hat Society” is a chilling but funny tale. It has also been published as a stand-alone story on e-books.

I have also been published in the Solstice Shadows series anthology Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Volume II. I highly recommend that flashlights, blanket forts, and creepy sound effects be in evidence when you read this marvelous collection. You’ll find my tale, “Bump” rounding out the set. The volume is now in pre-order, and will release in print and e-book formats November 13th.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol II

All Solstice titles are available on Anthologies can be found under the names of the contributing authors.

Happy reading, and have a beautiful Fall!

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Holiday shopping is here; please, check with your veterinarian before starting

LOL!!! Huzzah, John!

John E Guzzardo - Writer, Author, Blogger

Now that Halloween is over with, we now rush headlong into that most amazing, magical and harrowing time of the year:  namely, Retail Advertising Beginning Increasingly Earlier Season, or RABIES.  In the past, RABIES was well contained, usually starting around mid-November with its peak hitting sometimes around Christmas Eve.  However, a new generation of increasingly aggressive strains of marketing executives have emboldened this season, to where outbreaks frequently happen as early as New Year’s Day.

Symptoms of this season include incessant signage, nausea, nervousness, anger, and your cellphone engaging in spontaneous, unsolicited sexting.

There are some useful, vital and highly irrelevant ways to survive this most dangerous of seasons.  We must be on our guard against any sort of complacency and, in the interest of keeping bank accounts from becoming hosts for bloodsucking parasitic branch managers who constantly advertise “Overdraft Privilege” instead of genuine benefits, here are some tips to…

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