ENCOUNTERS: TALES RECOUNTED AND REBORN – Story Teasers to Whet Your Reading Appetite!

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From bestselling author Cyn Ley…

These are the best of the published tales from 2014  – 2016, some as they were originally published, some expanded and reimagined. Ranging from social satire to the paranormal, from fight to flight to friendship, these stories touch base on the encounters of the human experience.

“Benefits” – A new home development is all about location. And what you dig up.

“Food Chain” – Wildlife documentarians Owen and Nate are in search of a new challenge. But sometimes the largest challenges turn out to be very small.

“The Logo Men” – What if the Seven Deadly Sins walked into a bar, and nobody noticed?

“Rinse, Repeat” – All the days are the same now. All because of one date.

“Perfect” – Sometimes life is as transformative, and as simple, as a holiday gingerbread cookie.

“The Tin Foil Hat Society” – It’s time for the millennial alien visitation! What could possibly go wrong?

…and other tales of wonder and terror.



“Magical, charming, and original”

“Thought-provoking and soul-searching”

“A satisfying and interesting reading experience”

“I thoroughly enjoyed ENCOUNTERS! Somehow, things rarely go were one thinks they are headed.”

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