Welcome Award Winning Author CJ Warrant!

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Hi CJ! It’s delightful to have you here!  Thank you for spending some time with us today. 🙂

What got you into writing? As far back as I can remember I loved making up stories, but particularly poems. I had an awesome 8th grade English teacher who had encouraged me to write more seriously. But life has a way of shifting directions and I didn’t fully immerse myself into writing until later—after a career, marriage and three kids. However, bottom line, I have to give my husband full credit. He gave me the push to pursue my passion in writing.

What are your genres, and what led you to choose them? I write dark romantic thriller and paranormal suspense. What leads me in that direction of those genres is my voice. And I love to read stories that make my heart race and at the same time can’t seem to put the book down. Both romance and thrillers do that for me.

What would you like to tell us about your books and stories? How can we find them? I love writing dark romance. To reach into those moments and feel despair, hatred, and rage with love mixed in between. Like my first book, Forgetting Jane, which is a paranormal thriller, where a woman was brutally beaten, buried and left for dead. She claws herself out of the ground to live. The desperation to survive. Or in the eyes of a killer in my new romantic thriller, Mirror Image, where you see the disturbing reality of a killer and the reasoning why she murders men. In that single act affects so many lives, especially her twin sister. All my books start out dark, like you’re huddled in a tunnel. But by the end, you’re standing in the sunshine, happy.

You can find my books on Amazon and Solstice Publishing.

Did you find writing a challenge at first? Do you still, or not? I don’t find writing a       challenge. I can whip up a story easily, but what I do find challenging is edits. I loathe the process. Yet, it’s necessary to make sure you hand your editor a good story. 😉

How would you classify yourself—as an organized writer, or an intuitive one, or a mix of both? Why? I’m a pantser through and through. However, over the last few years I do organize my characters, their history and arc. Who they are? What they do for a living? Etc. I have to know who I’m writing about to make the story flow. Without them, there’s no story.

Has there been anything about getting published that surprised you? Or anything about the process? I have author friends who basically told me what I’m about to venture into. But it’s still a learning curve. Writing the story is just one part of the publishing journey. That’s the easy part. Selling and Marketing is what is hard. However, with every book I write, sell and market, I’m learning more and more.

Do you have anything you would like to share with aspiring writers? The biggest and best advice I received is to keep writing and don’t give up. You’ll get there. And once you do, you’ll never look back.

Please enclose a list of your books and stories carried by Solstice, their links, and how folks can connect with you via social media.

Forgetting Jane

Mirror Image (link forthcoming)


Thanks for having me on your blog. It’s a great pleasure being here.

READERS: If you sign up for my newsletter and comment on it, I’ll add your name in a drawing in November for a  free signed copy of Mirror Image.

And here’s the cover for Forgetting Jane. 🙂

Forgetting Jane-002-2

Thank you for sharing with us, CJ! Happy Sales!




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