Meet Solstice author Ken Newman!

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Hi Ken, and thank you for sharing some time with our readers! I always ask the same questions, because the answer is never the same.

What got you into writing?

Years ago I had an idea for a simple little vampire tale, but I didn’t have a clue about books or even where to start. The story didn’t work out, but the process of writing—learning to properly write—was like a gateway drug. I absolutely loved it and have never looked back.

What are your genres, and what led you to choose them?

I am drawn to science fiction, fantasy, mystery, action adventure and some horror. I prefer topics out of the ordinary. Larger than life heroes, twisted mysteries, life and death situations served with a generous dollop of the supernatural. Even my one shot at a hardboiled detective noir has a strong supernatural element. Mystery is the spice of life and the last thing I want to do is tell a bland, tasteless story.

What would you like to tell us about your books and stories? And how can we find them?

I have three novels and one short story with Solstice Publishing.

The Ark is a dark, sci-fi spin on the Biblical story of Noah’s ark. Imagine an antediluvian civilization as advanced as our own, facing complete destruction. Noah must not only contend with natural enemies, to save his family, but supernatural as well.

Bedeviled is a first person noir-styled gritty mystery where I introduce cocky private investigator, Inky Snow. Inky finds herself with a sudden case of amnesia—two missing days and a case she can’t remember. Little does Inky know that she only has a few hours to solve this mystery or this case will be her last.

The Witch Tattoo is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek adventure about a powerful three-thousand-year-old witch named Wu Xian Zui, whose spirit is trapped within a tattoo. Xian needs a willing host to survive and she finds herself sharing a body with a hapless young man named Eric Fane. As they struggle to adapt to their new, bizarre relationship, they find themselves embroiled in a deadly mystery.

All my books can be found at Amazon and my web page

Amazon author’s page:

Did you find writing a challenge at first? Do you still, or not?

Challenge? That is an understatement. I was completely out of my element, but being too hard headed to listen to reason, I never gave up. However, I found it is much more than grammar and ‘I’ before ‘e’. You have to have a personal style or voice to make your story live. I have discovered that the voice is paramount even if you have to shatter a few inviolate rules in the process. With every story I try to improve my meager abilities, even to the point of going outside my comfort zone to weave an interesting tale. It isn’t easy, but if I can establish a clear, distinctive voice, substantial characters and easy story flow, then I have achieved my goal.

How would you classify yourself—as an organized writer, or an intuitive one, or a mix of both? Why?

I suppose a mix would be the best description. I don’t follow an outline or plan. I start with a germ of an idea and let it grow. I find it wildly entertaining to see how it turns out. Often, the characters, and not me, are in charge and write their own story; however, I have to a have a concrete destination or things get out of hand.

Has there been anything about getting published that surprised you? Or anything about the process?

Not really. Other than cover art. I don’t think I will ever be completely happy with the cover. Why did Frank Frazetta have to die, just when I needed him the most?

Do you have anything you would like to share with aspiring writers?

Buy and consume a copy of The Elements of Style. Develop a strong voice and a thick hide. Read….read and then read some more. Take reviews and comments with a grain of salt-you will never be as good or as bad as they say. Listen to your editor. She knows best.


Author links:


The Ark:


The Witch Tattoo:

The Witch Tattoo-001

Thank you, Ken! Happy sales!

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