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Straight off of my page. Fellow author Susan Solomon says:

“I enjoy a good ghost story, always have. But not the kind filled with demonic spirits and gratuitous bloodletting that seem to glut today’s market. When a friend loaned me a copy of Cynthia Ley’s “The Ossuary Playground and Other Unexpected Tales,” and told me it contained the kind of literary ghost tales I enjoy, I couldn’t wait to read it. This book of four short stories certainly didn’t disappoint me. The first three were what I would term classic ghost stories, in which a spirit seeking peace, or, as in the third of Ms. Ley’s tales absolution interacts with the living. The fourth, the title story, embodies a different type of spirit, but mentioning what that is would be a spoiler. What binds these stories is the twist at the end, the “unexpected” that the author suggests in her title.

“Beyond the nature of these stories, what kept me reading until my eyes grew bleary is that each is told with an elegance of prose too often missing from writing today. For me, and I’m certain for others who enjoy good literature, “The Ossuary Playground and Other Unexpected Tales”  is a book well worth reading.”

Why not light the candles, cozy up to the fire, and enjoy some reading for the season?

THE OSSUARY PLAYGROUND is available in both print and Kindle editions


The Ossuary-001

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