Enter bestselling fantasy author KateMarie Collins!

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KateMarie Collins


Thanks for joining us today, KateMarie! I remember when you first got started and almost fell over in shock from all the good reviews. 🙂 What prompted you to write?

A bad thing that ended up very good! LOL. We’d been playing in a Dungeons & Dragons game for several years when the entire party was killed or imprisoned suddenly. Fast forward a few weeks, and my character from that game is resurrected in another one. Unable to explain what was going on at the table, I sat down the next morning and wrote what ended up being a short story. Everyone loved it, and asked for more. Once you let the Muse out like that, She doesn’t like being silenced. LOL

Why fantasy?

I love fantasy. It’s pretty much all I read as I grew up. It’s natural for me to write in the genre, and I tend to run the gamut of fantasy sub-genres. To be honest, I like being able to create my own worlds, gods, versions of magic!

What would you like to tell us about your books and stories? How can we find them?

All of my titles are available on Amazon. Print books are also available there and through a number of other venues like Powell’s Books and Barnes & Noble. [Solstice Publishing carries both Kindle and print versions of most of its titles.]

What’s the one thing that drives you crazy as a reader, the one thing you promised yourself never to do as a writer?

I hate books that pander to readers and talk down to them. I like what I call ‘intelligent reads’. Books where the author gives the reader credit for intelligence and doesn’t have to remind you every other page (or paragraph for that matter) that a character’s hair is red or they’re a cop. I like a book where something’s said in passing on page 10 and isn’t mentioned again until it becomes relevant. Because that’s what I like to read, that’s how I write.

Did you find writing a challenge at first? Do you still, or not?

At first, yes. I grew up in an environment where creativity wasn’t encouraged. It took me years to stop hearing the voice in my head telling me that I should give up because I would never measure up, let alone get published. I’ve all but silenced that voice, but it does try and resurface every now and then. When it does, I go look at my bookshelf and tell it what it can do with ‘not good enough’! LOL

How would you classify yourself—as an organized writer, or an intuitive one, or a mix of both? Why?

Intuitive, hands down. I don’t use spreadsheets with character or place names. I don’t outline. I get an idea, know how to start it and how I want it to finish it. From there, I let the characters tell me what happens in the middle. I think a lot of that stems from when I used to write with my eyes closed. The scene would play like a movie in my head and my fingers would find the words on the keyboard. It was the only way I could write without stopping every other word and spend 45 minutes debating if I was using the right adverb. When my own self-doubt was so crippling that you’re scared of how good your writing was, the only way to write was in a way where I couldn’t analyze every sentence or word.

Has there been anything about getting published that surprised you? Or anything about the process?

It took me time to get used to the idea that I was now a public person in respect to my books. When you’re raised to think that any sort of self-promoting or confidence is a sign of being a braggart/rudest sort of person, it’s hard to work around that type of programming. But the only way for me to succeed as an author is to take control of my image and be the type of author I’d want to meet.

Do you have anything you would like to share with aspiring writers?

It’s not a get quick rich scheme, that’s for sure. It’s work. Years and years of promoting and staying positive before you even start seeing sales come in. If you truly love to write, though, and are willing to both work with your publisher and promote, it’s worth it. This is one of the few industries where the nice guy finishes first. Take your ego out of the book, put it in a nice box on a shelf, and be ready for the best roller coaster you’ll ever ride.

Where can we find you and your books? 


Daughter of Hauk:

Son of Corse:

Wielder of Tiren:

The Raven Chronicles:


Guarding Charon:


Arine’s Sanctuary:


Kick the Can:

Looking At The Light:

A Stab at the Dark:

The Rose Box:


Challenges Met:



Fin’s Magic:

Alaric’s Bow:

Emile’s Blade:

Amari: Three Tales of Love and Triumph:


Mark of the Successor:

Consort of the Successor:


Twitter:  @DaughterHauk






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