Angels and Demons and Fun Fantasy

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One of my favorite authors, Rebecca Frencl, has just released a new title in her fabulous “Fallen” series! The stories are thought provoking, and gobs of fun, frequently laugh out loud funny. Give her a try, if you haven’t already!

Ascent Reader's Favorite 2
Ascent of the Fallen: 
Free will is ever our blessing and our curse . . .
Rue has stood over human souls in judgment as a guard at Hell’s Gate for millennia. He has seen the worst humanity has to offer. In response to his harshness, Heaven’s Princes have sentenced him to life among humanity until he regains his compassion. He finds not only compassion, but love. Now he must choose: his new-found life with humans or return and share his compassion with his brother judges.
He has been dropped feet first into a game between the powers of hell and the might of heaven. He’s a pawn who must choose—temptation or righteousness, mortal love or immortal indulgence? A war is about to begin with earth as the battle ground and the souls of humanity as the counters. Rue is the first of heaven’s chosen soldiers, if only he chooses the right path.
First of the Fallen
First of the Fallen: 
The world is changing. Monotheism is rolling across the world like a wave, driving the old gods into hiding; their followers converting the world by fire and sword.

Nathanial, an angel of vengeance and fire has been appointed the lord of Hell’s Gate, the angel in charge of the judges who weigh those souls in doubt, but he’s not convinced that he is right for the job. Nathanial abandons his newly appointed post, preferring to walk the earth as a mortal instead. He meets Iya, the priestess of a dying religion and falls in love. Semiazas, another angelic judge, steps into Nathanial’s place. He revels in power and longs for recognition and the souls he judges suffer as a result. As punishment for his lack of empathy and his lust for power, the Archangels strip him of his wings and send him to earth hoping he will find his compassion. The demons Asmoday and Mammon see this as their chance to gain control of the lord of Hell’s Gate and jump in to meddle with their lives. Though they seek the same end, their demonic natures keep them at odds even as they work to ensnare the wayward angels. Two angels. Two mortal lives. Two demons vying for control of the master of Hell’s Gate and a world in flux. Heaven, hell and the mortal realms between will never be the same.

Flames of the fallen-001
Flames of the Fallen:
Ethan Hawke, entertainer, lady’s man, magician and treasure hunter extraordinaire is having a very bad day.

Tricked by a rival magician, he unwittingly tears the veil between worlds releasing an artifact of enormous power that could consume the world. Left for dead in the desert he gets one last chance at life. Tasked by the angel Naya’il to correct his wrong and redeem himself he must find a way to return the artifact to its true home – the realm of fire.

Atar Avesta, a being of power and flame, steps through the portal to retrieve the artifact. Will she succeed in her mission or will she burn the world to ashes? The immense power of this artifact also calls to the demonic lords of hell who vie against each other to claim it as their prize.

In a world beset by flame and darkness, what’s a poor mortal wizard to do?

She has written two novellas as part of The Fallen series.
Shades of the Fallen: 
Mankind is about to remember why they fear the dark… on Halloween night, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, the powers of hell can open a gate to the mortal world. Hordes of sadistic ghosts are clawing at the gates of hell with the unslakable thirst to torment and prey upon the living.

One woman volunteers to stand alone as guardian to the human world. Asha, an Ascended mortal, will pit herself against the forces of hell in a desperate effort to banish the shadows of her own soul and make one last attempt at redemption.

Meanwhile, the child stealer demons have been let loose from their hell to torment the world. Sowing grief and despair, they search for one child in particular.

On a Halloween, when the dead return to feed on the living, can one woman stand alone against the ghosts of her past, to save one innocent’s future?

Gifts of the Fallen:
Another Christmas. Another reminder of everything he’s lost. As Thorne tries to bury his despair yet again, the Archangel Michael shows up with some much needed distraction. Muriel, the elderly Lorekeeper of the Ascended has seen her own assassination in her visions and Michael sends Thorne to keep her and her precious books safe. Can Muriel, a survivor with her own ghosts and regrets keep Thorne sane…or possibly even heal the holes in his heart?
Forthcoming: Redemption of the Fallen. Redemption follows Asha from Shades of the Fallen. You get her whole story while a serial killer stalks the streets of Chicago and the demons Asmoday and Mammon are forced to work together to try to gain political control of the city. I’m also planning on three novellas. I’m half done with the last one–Trials of the Fallen. It picks up after Flames of the Fallen. It’s Jannes’ trial from Naya’il. He and Magen are racing a pair of demons through a trapped Egyptian tomb to free Anubis and earn a feather of Truth, an artifact that can force everyone and everything to speak the truth.
All of the stories can stand alone. They make a more complex whole if you read them all, but you can read them on their own. They were written that way purposefully, rather like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s DarkHunter’s series. It’s a lot of fun playing with all theses storylines that will eventually weave together to form a whole. I also get to play with all sorts of mythologies. There’s so much fun to be had by releasing all of these creatures on an unsuspecting world!
Thank you, Rebecca!
Happy reading!

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