Meet Romance author Anna Belle Rose!

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It’s that time of year to cozy up to a warm fire with your favorite hot cuppa, and a great read.  If you like your romances sweet and saucy, characters who are real and endearing, and a plot that will keep you turning pages, you’ll love this premier novel by Anna Belle Rose!



Anna Belle (whose avatar in Real Life is K. Francouer) shares:

The Phone Call was actually the first full novel I ever wrote, the first draft written on an old Mac computer (with the old discs), then transferred to many other computers over the decades. I would work on it for a while, then put it aside while I worked on other things like grad school, being a mom, and working. Then I’d pull it out, work on it again, and the process would repeat.

In June 2017, the most incredible email arrived, telling me that Solstice Publishing wanted to publish The Phone Call. I have to tell you, when the notice came, first I sat and looked at it for a while, the news not really settling into my brain. I finally told my husband, burst into happy tears, and ran upstairs to wake up our youngest son with the news. Then started the really amazing journey of editing it with Cyn, cover design, proofing, and promoting. Along the way, my second novel, That One Small Omission, was also picked up by Solstice, and it made it to publication more quickly. Joy of joys, on December 12th, The Phone Call was published!

Now, my third novel, More Than I Can Say, has also been acquired by Solstice, and I am in the editing process again, while I write my fourth novel and a memoir.

In the rest of my life, I live on our small family farm in the most beautiful part of Vermont. Alpacas, chickens and bees surround us, we produce much of our food, and we enjoy all that Vermont has to offer. I also have an amazing husband who will read romance novels for me, great kids, and three amazing grandchildren. Often, I sit at my spinning wheel with fiber from my alpacas, and I spin and work on novels in my head – what a great way to live!

The Phone Call:

Kat meets Alex during Christmas break, her senior year of college. After a romantic night at the opera, the attraction between them is palpable, but both know that the timing is not right. They exchange numbers and promise to stay in touch, but events out of their control leave them both waiting on a call that never comes. When fate deals them a second chance, they must trust in each other to make their relationship work. A secret from Kat’s past threatens to destroy their newfound love. Is she strong enough to tell Alex the truth? Will he understand and accept it if she does?

I hope you will join my social media world, as I can be found at:, or on Twitter at @KFAnnaBelleRose

Both of my novels are now available through Solstice Publishing, on Amazon, and through other book retailers, but The Phone Call can be found at:

Thank you, Ms. Francouer!

Happy Reading, everyone!!!

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