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February Doldrums Got You? Absurdism, Here We Come!

Wow, February already. It’s been a busy month or so. Hope life has been treating all of you well. I’ve been up to my eyes, and that includes writing new tales which will met with the favor of my publisher, I hope!

My latest published story is PLOT TWIST, a short, so available on Kindle only. It’s a humorous and horrific little romp about what happens when a demon on assignment shows up at a sci-fi convention.

plot twist dna-001

Our story begins:

“Humans are boring,” Jerry Craven declared, clicking his thumb and index finger claws together. In the dim light, a spark glinted brightly on the nails’ edge, quivering. He watched it flicker for a moment, then blew it out.

Because everyone’s fingernails catch fire, right?

“Neat trick,” the guy on the bar stool next to him said. “How’d you do it?”

Jerry looked him up and down, taking in his dyed blonde hair, Thor costume, and duct taped war hammer. “Well, see,” he said. “That’s just what I mean. You always want to know how things are done. Predictable behavior. Let’s call it a special effect.”


Copyright 2017.

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