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Have You Hugged Your Flamingo Today?

Reports of my disappearance are greatly flamingos-001

Meet my pal, the majestic pink lawn flamingo. He and several of his buddies were recently featured in a story called “Bored Laureen and Wally” from my recently published story anthology entitled “Pink Flamingos & Other Follies”, available on in both print and Kindle editions. And I am delighted to say that it is getting excellent reviews on amazon!

So what’s it about? Let’s take a look.

A new collection of stories by top-reviewed author Cyn Ley. Humorous, quirky, and engaging, readers are in for a fun time!

“Charlotte Plays God” – Take three physics proteges, one adventurous professor, and a cross dimensional portal constructed out of a coffee maker.

“Prickly Weather” – Groundhog’s Day in West Coast Portland. Bring on the hedgehogs!

“‘Randa’s Wrath” – It’s Pledge Week, and a favorite late night coffee house is ready for it with a challenge guaranteed to burn!

“It’s A Mystery I: The Lost Boys” – Introducing the first of a series, two bookshop owners find themselves surrounded by clues and conundrums in a case where time is of the essence.

“Bored Laureen and Wally” – Even the most serene of marriages needs a little shaking up from time to time!

What readers are saying:

“These are lighthearted short tales that often don’t end where one thinks they might. There’s an inverse “Pluggers” resolution, visitations from the other side (or are there?), and oh my stars, who knew anything that good could come from Wally World? I will read this again.”

“Okay, I admit it–out of the gate I am a lover of storybooks. Pink Flamingos & Other Follies is a delightful box of bon-bons you’ll have to work hard at not devouring in one sitting. The stories start strong, grab you fast, and end with most satisfying paybacks for the reader. Cyn Ley has mastered this literary form and I look forward to actively collecting her books for my beach bag this summer.”

Happy reading, folks! Pink flamingos give good hugs! 😉