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When someone sends you the perfect poster for one of your stories….

“The winter night could not have been more perfect, more conducive to stargazing. There was no wind save for the exhalations of nervous anticipation.

“Hats were donned, glinting in the dark.

“Sirius in all its brilliant glory.

“Mark and Peggy stared at the brightest light in the heavens. They took off their hats. They looked into the galaxy of each other’s eyes. They clasped hands, carrying their hats in the other, and walked off into the deep brush.

“Mating season.
“They were never heard from again.”
From: The Tin Foil Hat Society, excerpted from ENCOUNTERS TALES RECOUNTED AND REBORN
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I’ve got a guest!

Fellow author KateMarie Collins interviewed me recently and put me up on her blog! Here’s the post.

I encourage you to look her blog up too. She writes urban fantasy as well as fantasy, and is also top reviewed.

KateMarie Collins

Happy September everyone!

I’m someone who adores the fall. Yes, I’m drinking pumpkin spice coffee already. LOL. Give me days with crisp air, leaves on the ground, and cozy sweaters! I bought myself a sweater while in Scotland that I plan to practically live in for the next six months.

To celebrate the coming change, I have a guest today! Please welcome author and friend, Cyn Ley!

Hi KateMarie! Thank you for the opportunity of visiting with you today!

What genres do you write?

 I write multi-genre—short stories mainly, but am venturing into longer works. Paranormal, horror, social satire, humor, scifi light, general fiction, and stuff that’s rather odd. I’m currently working on the second installment of a new cozy mystery series, the first having debuted in PINK FLAMINGOS & OTHER FOLLIES (It’s A Mystery I: The Lost Boys). I also have several new short stories in the works.

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