A Gentle Bump In The Night

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She often went antiquing in search of the perfect accessory and to get ideas. That was her mission today. As she walked down the line of antique shops and sundries, Katherine saw an exquisite baby doll. She wore a christening gown of the finest linen, trimmed with eyelet lace, and lay in a beautiful oak crib from the 1800’s. There was a pretty white-on-white baby quilt beneath her, its edges trimmed with the same lace. The doll wore a white linen cap that had drawn thread work forming a delicate pattern of winding roses.

She had flaxen hair and lovely blue eyes. The eyes in particular were remarkable. They followed her as she passed by the window. A hint of a smile rested on those sweet lips. Katherine stopped and whispered, “You are beautiful, small one.” She blew a discrete kiss to it, and even though she knew it was just her imagination,  she heard a delighted little giggle.

She had to know more about this doll. She stepped into the shop, ringing the brass bell that hung above the door.

The proprietor turned away from his dusting and smiled at her.

“Good morning,” he said.

She looked into his kind grey eyes; they had little crinkles at the corners, Laugh lines. His build was slender and tall and strong looking. His hair was dark and a little long and wild, like it resisted any effort to comb it. She could see the slightly pointed tips of his ears. He looked ageless.

“Good morning,” she said, her voice warm.

“How may I help you today?” he asked.

And, suddenly, she was lost for words. Something within her had bubbled up, leaving her with a sense of wonder. Flustered, she tried to pull herself together.

The proprietor seemed amused. “I saw you blow a kiss to her.”

Katherine laughed. “Silly, I know. I couldn’t help myself–she just seems so real.”

“She has that effect on people,” he laughed. “I call her Angel.”

–excerpted from “Sweet Dreams” from the collection ENCOUNTERS TALES RECOUNTED AND REBORN. Available in print and Kindle from

[Original story cover shown below]

sweet dreams_2-001

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