THE OSSUARY PLAYGROUND is FREE on Kindle Monday, Oct. 29th through Hallowe’en!!!!

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To celebrate the season of Booooooo, I am offering my collection of supernatural short stories THE OSSUARY PLAYGROUND AND OTHER UNEXPECTED TALES  free on Kindle starting Monday October 29th, with Wednesday the 31st being the last day that you can get your gratis copy of this highly reviewed collection!

The Ossuary-001

What readers have said:

“Superb, well written with a lovely cadence, with characters who are vibrant and real.”

“The stories are crafted like jewels”

“Robust and filled with the promise of well thought out characters and beautifully described places”

“So well written”

“Elegance of prose, literary ghost stories”

“Very brilliantly done!”

“I didn’t expect stories with such a deep exploration of what it’s like to be dead!
“These stories filled my imagination without any feeling of darkness”

“So much food for thought”

“Highly recommended!”

Excerpted from the tale “Remains”:

There are places in the world where the dead are just left to lie. There is no mourning, no ceremony or acknowledgement that people recline below the ground, covered by the marches of Time. There are only the eaters of carrion to clean up the remains. The leavings are nothing but chemicals reaching into the soil, being absorbed, converted, used. There is no mourning, but there is no waste either. So it is for bones.

In this case, the bones of a girl. A young lady, really, one who fell when the Blue and Gray swept across her parents’ farm and left a tide of blood to flood the land.

Her name is Millicent, and she is sixteen years old. She wears the flesh of a young woman in her eyes.

FREE on Kindle October 29-31. Go to to claim yours! It’s under author Cyn Ley. And may all your haunts be good ones!





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