The name of our faiths…

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I wrote this little piece back in 2013, and only just happened upon it again. Consider it some food for thought perhaps, and may you follow your lights.

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I’m not affiliated to any religion, but my leanings are very much theosophical. I believe that we are given innate intelligence. We are given the gifts of free will and conscience. Our greatest gift is the soul, but it is not limited to just our species. It is in all life. Our lives should be based upon joy, and hope, and thankfulness. They often are not. When we sacrifice our free will to another who says, “You will believe this way and no other,” we have violated that gift.

I’m totally cool with God. Jesus is awesome. Oddly enough, reading the Lost Gospels of Jesus made him much more approachable to me. What I am not cool with are people who claim to speak for God because God spoke to them one night in their garage, and therefore they now have the right to lord their version of the Lord over everybody, frequently causing harm in the form of insecurities and ill-gotten dependencies. They “know better.”

Faith plays out in actions, not words. Exploiting others for their own good Is Not Cool. Everyone experiences God in their own way, in their own time, or, at the very least, they carry with them the constant potential to do so.

I realize that my views may be a bit radical. There are many reasons they are the way they are, but they spring from life. But to the person who is in all ways a minister, who not only says but does treat all others with respect and compassion, who offers their open hand to give rather than receive, who offers an open heart to give their love even though it may cause them the deepest pain–that person, that minister, is the one who hears the still, small Voice. No longer an abstraction, they’ve taken their gifts out into the world, however they may define that word. That is the Potential God (however you name or define it) within us all. That is our link with the Sacred.

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