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An “Interesting” Month

Hi all! Since last touching base with you all, I have licensed my own imprint label, for when I self-publish, likewise for a pile of ISBN’s as I will be reworking a number of things and have several new stories in the WIP pile.

I also found out I have *very* early Stage 1 uterine cancer. Ladies, please, if you notice that something isn’t right, get it checked soon, like yesterday!!! It could save your life. My prognosis is good.

I’ve been working with a very talented local cover artist by the name of Spencer Pierson. Spencer is also an indie author of science fiction and cozy mysteries.

My imprint (publisher, if you will) is Otherland Press. The first title to come off of it will be PILGRIMAGE OF FIRE AND ASH, a tale of a young man, time, and Mt. St. Helens.

Here’s the beautiful cover and logo Spencer did for me!

template wide flat pic only

We’ll see you all soon! Enjoy your summer!